The Rutgers Venture Capital Club is committed to teaching students about the Venture Capital industry, introducing them to professionals, and providing internship opportunities through the firms we have connections with. Additionally, we would like to act as liaisons between students with an idea to sources of funding.





We run events teaching students about the ins and outs of venture capital. We also invite industry veterans to speak to and network with our club members.


We hold field trips to NYC for students to visit and network with venture capitalists in their offices. We also offer students the hands-on experience of analyzing startup companies from the perspective of a venture capitalist. 


Since the inception of the club, several of our club members and alumni have received job and internship offers at venture capital firms.


To join the Rutgers Venture Capital Club, simply come to one of our events! You should also subscribe to our mailing list and check our Facebook page to learn about upcoming events.

Club meetings are typically held on Livingston Campus.



Who is eligible to join Venture Capital Club?

This club is aimed at current undergraduate students at Rutgers University - New Brunswick. All majors are welcome! Graduate students and alumni are also welcome at club meetings.

What are club meetings like?

We have one general interest meeting in the beginning of the semester to welcome new members. We also hold Speaker Series events at various dates throughout the semester. Speaker Series events typically run for 90 minutes and include a networking session, a presentation by the speaker on a pre-selected topic, and a Q&A session to conclude. Free food and beverage are also included.

Which venture capital firms does the club have connections with?

  • SoundBoard Angel Fund

  • Greenspring Associates

  • Edison Partners

  • Juicetank

  • Burgiss

  • Momenta Partners

  • Simpel and Associates

  • New Jersey Economic Development Authority

  • Tribeca Venture Partners

  • Foundation Venture Capital Group

  • Contrary Capital

  • Newark Venture Partners

  • J&J Innovation Labs

  • And more!

Are club members required to attend all meetings?

You are not required to come to all club meetings to be a club member. However, it is encouraged that you come to as many as possible because they are great networking opportunities. Furthermore, members who regularly attend club meetings are eligible for additional opportunities, such as field trips to venture capital firms.

I'd like to speak at a club meeting, mentor club students, or recruit club students for jobs or internships. What should I do?

Thank you so much for your interest in helping students! Please email us at





Maya is majoring in Computer Science and is in the Honors College. She is interested in the intersections between technology and finance. In addition to leading Venture Capital Club, she is involved in the Rutgers Student Managed Fund and USACS. Maya loves nature and enjoys hiking, biking, and birding.


Vice President

Gaurav is majoring in Finance and Supply Chain Management. As Vice President, he creates newsletters and hosts informational workshops about venture capital. Gaurav has developed his interest in venture capital through an internship experience at an angel fund. In his free time, Gaurav likes to hike and read.


Co-Director of Marketing

Harieth is a junior in the Rutgers Business School majoring in BAIT. Besides his love for business, he has a huge interest in sports and likes to follow current events. He oversees the marketing efforts of the club.


Co- Director of Outreach

Ethan Lowe is a student in the Rutgers Business School majoring in finance and economics. He oversees the Venture Capital Club's contact with professionals in venture capital as well as with other individuals who have experience or expertise related to venture capital. In addition to his interest in finance, Ethan enjoys playing soccer, reading and traveling.




Manav is a freshman in the Rutgers Business School majoring in BAIT and Finance. He is responsible for managing the RVCC email account, RVCC Facebook account and sends out emails for upcoming club events. Outside of RVCC, Manav enjoys reading, watching sports, and playing basketball. 


Co-Director of Marketing

Sri is a sophomore in the Rutgers Business school double majoring in BAIT and Marketing. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and is the co-founder of Competitions Zone. In addition to Venture Capital Club, she is involved with Rutgers Women in Business, is a peer mentor, has an interest in journalism, and loves attending conferences. In her free time, Sri enjoys hiking national parks and taking spin classes.


Director of Operations & Entrepreneurship

Marvin is a senior majoring in Finance at the Rutgers Business School in New Brunswick. Marvin has experience with startups, investments, working at a hedge fund, sales, being a business owner and investment banking financial modeling. In addition to his passion in finance, in his free time Marvin enjoys reading, socializing, networking, playing video games and watching movies.



Co-Director of Outreach

Haanee is a freshman in the Rutgers Business School double majoring in Finance and BAIT. His role is to establish a strong venture capital professional network as well as be the point of contact between venture capital professionals and RVCC. In his free time, Haanee enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, sleeping, eating, traveling, and the stock market.  




Austin is a junior in the Rutgers Business School double majoring in accounting and finance. In addition to venture capital, Austin has experience in commercial banking/business development and an interest in accounting. On campus, Austin is also the treasurer of the Akhil Autism Foundation and a TA.


Please email us at with any questions or comments, or write an email to us in the form below! We'd be happy to help you with any questions about the club or if you need help with anything career-related.